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While opinions can differ greatly about whether vegetarianism is a healthy way of eating, the truth is that a vegetarian diet can include all the essential nutrients to keep your body healthy. As with any healthy diet, the basic rule you should follow is to eat a variety of foods and don’t eat more calories than you burn during each day. When eating a vegetarian diet, you also need to pay special attention to how much protein, iron, calcium, zinc, and vitamin B you get through the foods that you eat.


Protein plays a key role in the growth and maintenance of your body and body functions, and the amount of protein your body needs can be found in plant sources. The best vegetarian protein sources are beans, nuts, and soy products, as well as milk products and eggs. Iron is essential in to carry oxygen in your blood. Vegetarians can get the iron they need from iron-fortified cereal, spinach, bens, peas, whole wheat breads, and peas.


For proper bone strength and healthy teeth, your body needs proper amounts of calcium. Vegetarians can get calcium from calcium-fortified juices, dark leafy greens, and a variety of milk products. Zinc is part of maintaining a healthy immune system. Vegetarians can eat beans, zinc-fortified cereals, wheat germ, and milk products to get enough zinc in their diets.


And while vitamin B is primarily found in animal products, vegetarians can get vitamin B from milk, eggs, or other foods that have vitamin B added (such as cereal and soy products).


With a little special attention and some education, a vegetarian diet can be as healthy as any other type of diet. Just be sure to monitor the amount of these certain nutrients that your body needs, and your body will be healthy, strong, and function properly.


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