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Vegetarian Nutritione


It is true that there are many differing opinions when it comes to vegetarian nutrition. But that facts are that vegetarian nutrition is just as good as nutrition that comes from a diet that includes meat and meat products. But just like with any nutrition regimen, the basic rule you should follow is to eat a variety of foods and don’t eat more calories than you burn during each day. Vegetarian nutrition is no different; take care to make sure that your body gets enough protein, iron, calcium, zinc, and vitamin B and you will be healthy and have energy to do what you need to do.


For vegetarian nutrition, get your protein from beans, nuts, and soy products, as well as milk products and eggs. Iron can be found in iron-fortified cereal, spinach, bens, peas, whole wheat breads, and peas. Good calcium sources include calcium-fortified juices, dark leafy greens, and a variety of milk products. For zinc, you can turn to zinc-fortified cereals, wheat germ, and milk products. Vitamin B and other minerals can come from milk, eggs, or other foods that have vitamin B as an added supplement. Just like any diet, the best way to stay health with vegetarian nutrition is to eat a wide variety of foods. A good rule of thumb is to choose fruits and vegetables of all different colors. Different colored fruits and vegetables contain different vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that your body requires. By paying special attention to your diet, you can ensure that vegetarian nutrition will meet all of your nutrition and health needs.


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